Volunteer Opportunities

As a natural asset, Saratoga Lake is without peer in Saratoga County.  Since the 1930s, the Saratoga Lake Association has been a leader in efforts to protect and enhance the quality of its waters and the environment along its shores.  The strength of this all-volunteer organization lies in the large size of its membership and willingness of members to commit time and effort to the cause – assuring sustainability of this prized natural asset.

This is a challenging task owing to, among other things, the Lake’s vast and complex watershed.  It encompasses 244 square miles and contains some of the fastest growing areas in the region.  Use of the Lake and development along its shores have grown dramatically over the past several years.  So, while working with the Saratoga Lake Protection and Improvement District (SLPID) and other partners, much has been accomplished in the past, much remains to be done. The work has never been more challenging and important.

We are in the process of forming committees to focus our efforts and take advantage of the skills and experience many of our members can offer in addressing the needs identified through surveys of our membership and interview with stakeholders around the Lake.  These include

strengthening communications and partnerships with SLPID and other organizations sharing our commitment to enhancing Lake quality and sustaining gains made.

We welcome volunteers!  Please join us if you are not already a member.  Join one of our committees.  Here is a partial list of activities and areas where help would be appreciated:

  • Periodically contributing to our newsletter, Shore Lines — articles items of interest, profiles of people around the Lake, photos, real property transactions related to the Lake and its immediate communities.
  • Revamping and modernizing our website.
  • Updating our social media presence through FaceBook, NextDoor, MailChimp and other social media outlets.
  • Monitoring meetings of local towns considering developments or other activities that may impact Saratoga Lake.
  • Participating in roadside clean-ups and weed pull programs in Spring, Summer and Fall.
  • Partnering with and monitoring activities of the SLPID and other organizations around the Lake.
  • Providing technical expertise relating to Lake water quality and health of the aquatic ecosystem, as well as offshore activities contributing to problems (e.g., stormwater erosion and sediment discharges to the Lake).
  • Arranging social events to maintain a strong community spirit within the Association and enable it to remain a strong voice on matters important to preserving the Lake and nearby environs.
  • Fundraising activities for special initiatives and participating in grant applications from time to time.

If you are interested in helping on these topics or have questions, please send an email with contact information to GetInvolved@saratogalake.org.  A member of the Board will contact you.